Education Programs

Listings include university programs and media arts organizations that provide technical instruction in 16mm film production.

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Harvard University United States

Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States

Huston School of Film & Digital Media Ireland

Galway, Connacht

Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Institut National Superieur Des Arts du Spectacle (INAS) Belgium

Bruxelles, Belgium

Institute of Art, Design & Technology Ireland

Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Co.

International Film College Australia

Gold Coast, Queensland

Ithaca College United States

Ithaca, New York
United States

Korean Academy of Film Arts Korea, Republic of

South Korea
Korea, Republic of

Leeds Metropolitan University United Kingdom

Northern Film School
Leeds, United Kingdom

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) Canada

1137 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2A3

Telephone: +1 416 588 6444

Rents Eiki film loopers

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  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • CalArts - School of Film/Video
  • Regional Arts & Culture Council