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American Cinema Equipment United States

Portland, Oregon
United States

Service for Philips/Norelco FP-16, Kinoton FP-18, and booth supplies

Boston Film Connection United States

Cotuit, Massachusetts
United States

Christy's  United States

Burbank, California
United States


Rome, Italy

Manufacturer of CIR splicers, inspection tables, film handling equipment, and film splice tape

Dancan Cinema Services Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Sells leaders, splice tape, CIR film splicers, and other film supplies

Film-Tech United States

Plano, Texas
United States

Manufacturer of FilmGuard print cleaner and lubricant

FilmoTec GmbH Germany


Manufacturer of film leaders

Hollywood Film Supplies United States

United States

Supplier of 16mm film leader, 16mm splicing tape, and 16mm perforation repair tape (Perf-fix)

Kinetronics Corporation United States

Sarasota, Florida
United States

Manufacturer of anti-static film cleaning supplies

Kodak United States

United States

Manufacturer of leaders, splice tape, and other film handling supplies

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