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Boston Light & Sound United States

Boston, Massachusetts
United States

BL&S manufacturers and sells a picture and sound test film for 16mm projection. The BL&S test film is manufactured in accordance to SMPTE RP-82 and standards 7 and 233.

Christophe Goulard France

Nanterre, France

Focus Film 16  Japan

Fukuoka, Japan

Contact: Frank Bode

Manufacturer of looper devices Rental of 16mm eiki projectors Rental of looper devices up to 20min Installation assistance

Full Aperture Systems United States

1644 N Honore Street, Suite 301
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Contact: James Bond

Telephone: +1 773 394 3510
Telephone 2: +1 773 394 3514

Specializing in installations of Eastman 25/30/40 projectors

J├╝rgen Galli Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany

Rental of 16mm Eiki and Bauer projectors Rental of looper up to 20min film Special construction Installation assistance

Kinora Audio Visual Systems United States

4428 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Eastman 25/30/40 installation and service; and service provider for general theater audio-visual systems

Robert Film Services Canada

4026 Boulevard de la Cote Vertu
St Laurent, Quebec
H4R 1V4

Telephone: +1 514 337 4956
FAX: +1 514 337 9790

Also manufacturers film looping devices

Van Eck Video Services Netherlands

Tilburg, Netherlands

Rental and repair of many different make and models of 16mm projectors, and manufacturers some projector parts. Also sells a number of projector manuals.

Wittner Cinetec Germany

Ammersbek, Germany

Sells film stock, including Wittner Chrome 200 ASA, test films and numerous film handling and editing supplies

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