Projectors - Film Loopers

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ASA90 Der Fotoladen Germany

Fuldastr. 55
Berlin, 12043

Telephone: + 030 623 1001

Manufactures lopping device

CineMartin Canada


Contact: Martin Chateauvert

Telephone: 514-717-7075

Film Gallery, The France


Contact: Pip Chodorov

Manufacturers and rents film looping devices

Focus Film 16  Japan

Fukuoka, Japan

Contact: Frank Bode

Manufacturer of looper devices Rental of 16mm eiki projectors Rental of looper devices up to 20min Installation assistance

Jürgen Galli Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany

Rental of 16mm Eiki and Bauer projectors Rental of looper up to 20min film Special construction Installation assistance

Kino Club United Kingdom

Kino Club
Cell Studios 07
Grosvenor Way
London, Clapton
E5 9NE
United Kingdom

Contact: David Leister

Offers rental of the original Kinotech looper, and EIKI/ELF 16mm projector systems

KS Objectiv United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Contact: Simeon Corless, Kenneth Graham

Offers rentals of 16mm and 35mm projectors and loopers

L'Abominable France

Asnières-sur-Seine, France

Manufacturers and rents film looping devices

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Rents Eiki film loopers, and sells film stock and film supplies via online store

NCS Products United States

New York, New York
United States

Telephone: +1 718 395 3424

Loopers designed to loop 100' and 400' rolls of film, looping device installed on Eiki NT, SNT and SSL projectors.

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